Starting Your Online Business: 3 Things To Do After Registering Your Business

Starting a business is more than just registering your company. It is your first sign of visibility and officially enters your company into a competitive playing field where you either eat or be eaten. You want to be sure you have all of the tools, resources and plans you need before you go live with your product or service. Create Your Business Plan

When you decide to incorporating your company you want a have a clear roadmap of what you intend to do with this business. This is called a business plan and will be your guide through the cycle of the life of your business. Starting with a simple one-page business canvas is a great start for most businesses. In this model you identify the problem your product or services solve, who should be purchasing them and how you intend to market to those customers.

Claim Your Domain and Set-up Your Hosting

Now that you've registered your business you need to establish your digital home. This means purchasing the url or web address that customers can reach you at. Once you purchase your address you'll need to rent the space you will be building your website or digital home. You don't have to be ready to build your website in order to purchase your domain and hosting. In fact, you shouldn't build your website until you have developed your brand. Purchasing these things before contracting with a freelancer or agency for your website can save you time and money. Create your Social Media Accounts

Once you have established your website domain and hosting, you'll need to secure your social media accounts so that no one else can create accounts using your naming or creating a fake profile. This is called parking your social media accounts. You don't have to be ready to post content on these platforms. In fact, if you haven't developed your brand and a social media strategy to attract, retain and convert likes and followers to customers, you'd be wasting time and money investing into the great tools available such as boosted posts and paid campaigns. Creating your own social media accounts can dave you time and money when contracting with a freelancer or agency for social media strategy or management. Bonus

Create Your Launch Landing Page

If you have the expertise or you are ready to invest in being able to instantly attract customers to your online headquarters you can set up your landing page to announce the launch of your company, product or service. Launch Landing Pages are great building anticipation around the launch of your product or service. You can use this space to start building your email list to begin communicating and update your audience when you launch, have an event or sale.

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