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CoLife Partner

CoLife partners to sell, build, integrate, and market solutions that extend the capabilities of our global platform and provide space, services and training to our shared customers.

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Partnership Opportunities

Our partners are critical to transforming local communities into global innovation hubs. We provide effective digital solutions and leverage the best of local resources to help develop entrepreneurs, creatives, and influencers along the journey and equip them for long-term success, no matter where they are.

The CoLife Group Offers the Following Partnership Opportunities:



Support CoLife Members by funding or contributing to access to CoLife spaces, services, programs and events. 



Support CoLife Members by sponsoring or providing access to meeting rooms, stages, venues, studios and more.

We partner with coworking and coliving spaces, restaurants, hotels and a variety of other independent businesses. 


Support CoLife Members by providing key services in business, media, technology, entertainment, marketing and more. 

We partner with agencies, consultants and independent businesses.

Events and Experiences:

Support CoLife Members by becoming a host, sponsor or supporter events and experiences with a focus on business, tech, media and creative topics. We partner with hotels, bed n breakfast inns, restaurants, lounges and a variety of other independent businesses.


Training and Education:

Host, support or contribute to a series of immersive online, local or national education and training on creative, business, media, and tech topics. We partner with speakers, teachers and variety of other independent business. 

Real Estate

Support CoLife Members by becoming a host, partner, investor or sponsor of a shared house to accommodate the travel and work experience for CoLife members no matter where they are.


Support CoLife Members  by providing access tech services, training or equipment to support our growing global network.