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LinkedIn For Social Selling

Power Your Sales Process with LinkedIn

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Learn How To Power Your Sales Process Using

LinkedIn for Social Selling

LinkedIn For Social Selling teaches attendees how to use social media to power their sales process. Attendees will learn how to find the right customers, build relationships and sell their products and services on the LinkedIn platform.

You’ll Learn….

  • How to create and leverage your professional brand on LinkedIn

  • How to automate your sales process

  • How to find the right prospects and customers online

  • How to build relationships with your connections


It’s perfect for you if…

  • Have a LinkedIn Page but you haven’t been very active

  • You have a LinkedIn profile but you aren’t using it sell products or services

  • You have a LinkedIn profile but you have yet to establish a presence for your company

  • Your cold calls, billboards and direct mail are not drawing in enough paid customers and you could possibly be losing more money than you stand to gain.